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Welcome to Author Shannon McRoberts

It’s good to make friends.

In addition to the wonderful people we’ve been meeting in person at book signings and speaking engagements, there are a wealth of great authors out there on the Internet. Small presses and independent publishing are growing by leaps and bounds.

One of our new friends out there is writer Shannon McRoberts, author of Verses of Athine: The Daughter of Ares Chronicles. You can find out about her work on her blog, The Obsidian Poet. Shannon was kind enough to tell us a little bit about herself, and to let Ed do the same on her blog.

So without further ado, what’s new in the world, Shannon?


Verses of Athine Trial 31)  Tell us a little bit about your book, Verses of Athine:  The Daughter of Ares Chronicles?  What are the main highlights?

The book is the overhauled version of all four of the stories in my series that have been published so far.  It focuses on Athine, an immortal born goddess, and her rise to obtain her mysterious destiny.  Is it her true destiny or one of someone else’s design?


2)  Tell us a little about yourself.  What is an interesting fact that you would like to share with the readers today?


I don’t think there is much interesting to share!  I spend most of my time working or spending time with my family.  Sometimes I get to make fantasy art or write on my books :)


3)  What is your favorite part about writing?


The creation of a plan and throwing in the twists and turns.


4)  What are you working on right now?  Is it top secret?  


No, I am still pounding away at Cursed Bloods, which is the next book in the series and picks up where Verses of Athine stops.


5)  Bologna or Ham?


Both.  Although I am more likely to eat ham because I have to be in the mood for Bologna.


6)  Do you listen to music when you write?  


Yes, I have to.  I have ADHD and I find that if I’m distractible I need the music to occupy my brain so I can concentrate.   I am mostly into heavy rock type music, but I also like country and sappy love songs (the sad depressing kind).


Shannon McRoberts
Shannon McRoberts

7)  Where can we find books you have written?


You can find me on Amazon and Smashwords along with B&N, Kobo, Sony, iBook 😉   I also have a few nice sites to visit:,,  and  I am constantly working on finding new website layouts.  I have recently discovered WordPress self-hosted and I am loving it!


8)  What genre do you like to read?


Fantasy mostly and sci-fi.  Paranormal things.  Sometimes I will read a romance IF it is something like Lara.


9)  Anyone you would like to give a shout out to?


Right now I would just like to give a shout out to my peeps at ASMSG ( and say go and visit this great group.


10) How long have you been a writer?


I have been writing since I was old enough to write :)  I didn’t come back to prose writing until around 2005 when I wrote The Secret of Genetic Corp X.


11) Do you write any poetry or make any kind of art outside of writing?


Why yes I do!  If you visit my or you can find a link to my Renderosity Gallery and Poetry blog!


12) What advice would you give to new authors?


If you have to spend your pennies wisely, invest in an editor.  Find good cover art even if you have to buy something pre-made.  Write the story YOU want to read.  Don’t copy someone.  Don’t listen to people who are mean just to hear the sound of their keys clacking.  Don’t give up on yourself.


13) What is the most important thing you have learned about marketing your “brand”?


If you are not on the internet you do not exist to many of today’s world.  You need to be on Facebook, GoodReads, Twitter, and have a website.  The more you are out there, the more your SEO goes up and the more likely people will find you!