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Seven in a Jeep GoodReads Giveaway

Columbus Press is doing a GoodReads giveaway for Seven in a Jeep by Ed Gaydos.

This is a chance to win a free autographed copy of Seven in a Jeep. This book is a memoir of Ed Gaydos’s time in Vietnam. The giveaway started today, Monday April 28th, and will end at midnight on Friday, May 2nd.


Ed Gaydos was not a hero. Shipped off to Vietnam in 1970, he did not capture a single enemy soldier. or single-handedly dismantle the Ho Chi Minh trail. He sat on a remote patch of sand behind barbed wire with a bunch of teenagers, dodging incoming mortars, battling insects,  and holding back an avalanche of paperwork.

This hilarious intelligent memoir of the regular soldiers of the Vietnam War will leave readers of all types hungry for the next story. With an unflinching eye for detail that spares no one, even himself, Ed Gaydos reveals his personal struggles to make sense of the war. He somehow manages to exit laughing in Seven in a Jeep.


You can enter to win here:

Thank you and good luck to everyone!

A Tremendous 2013 – Thank You!

On behalf of Columbus Press, thank you to all of the readers who supported Seven in a Jeep in 2013.  You’re a fantastic bunch of people!

Seven in a Jeep was the first title produced by Columbus Press.  Independent publishing is no cake walk, and your readership is a tremendous encouragement.

Thank you for supporting independent publishing and great authors like Ed Gaydos in 2013.  With your help, we’re looking forward to another fantastic year!

Traveling this week? Take Seven in a Jeep with you!

Are you traveling for the Thanksgiving holiday this week?  Need a great book to read in the car or on the plane?

Try Seven in a Jeep.  If you don’t have a copy yet, you can instantly pick one up for your Kindle or Nook, or you can find it on the iTunes marketplace for your iPad, or from your favorite e-book retailer.

The episodic format of Seven in a Jeep makes it a perfect choice for traveling.  Pick up where you left off, and read a quick story that works in the greater narrative or can be read by itself.

Happy Thanksgiving!  Travel safely.

Have you read Surplus? Will you leave us a review?

Surplus the Long arm of VietnamHave you read Surplus: The Long Arm of Vietnam, the companion book to Seven in a Jeep?

If so, would you be so kind as to leave an honest review of the book?  In the changing world of books and publishing, user reviews are evermore important.  Your honest review helps other readers find material they’d like to read (or avoid material that they won’t enjoy).

You can find the book, and leave a review, at any of these links:
Surplus on
Surplus on
Surplus on

If you’ve already reviewed the book, thank you on behalf of Ed and on behalf of the community of readers.

Don’t worry about what to say.  Keep it short, tell other readers what you liked and what you didn’t, in your own words.

Thanks for supporting Seven in a Jeep, Surplus and independent publishing.

Featured in (614) Magazine

Thank you to (614) Magazine for featuring Ed Gaydos and Seven in a Jeep in their September issue.

If you’re in Central Ohio, be sure to pick up a copy of (614) before the month is out.  The issue features a sample chapter from Seven in a Jeep as well as Ed’s bio.

Find the full article here.

A special thank you goes to the article’s author, David Lewis, for taking the time to check out Ed’s book.  We appreciate it!

Will You Review Seven in a Jeep?

We’re so thankful to all of the great folks who have picked up a copy of Seven in a Jeep and read it.

Whether you’ve received the book for free or purchased it, will you help other book buyers make smart choices by leaving an honest review of the book online?  There’s no need to stress out about what to say and you can even leave a negative review if you’d like, we just want to help the book-reading community and increase the amount of information available about our book.

If you have an account, you can review the book here.

If you have a account, you can review the book here.

If you buy books at, you can review the book here.

Thank you for taking a few minutes to review our book.  Your review can be short or long, good or bad, just be honest.  We really appreciate it!

Surplus is Now Available

And… it’s here!

Surplus: The Long Arm of Vietnam, by Ed Gaydos, is now available for purchase in e-book form from Amazon. You can pick up your copy here (paperback), or get the Kindle version here.

A companion to Seven in a JeepSurplus continues Ed’s story after he returned from the Vietnam War in 1971. This illuminates the lessons that shaped his life as a person, a father and a successful executive.

Surplus is available as a paperback or a Kindle book. If you’ve already entered our current contest, you’re in the running for a signed copy of Surplus, along with a $20 Amazon gift card.

As always, you can pick up a copy of Seven in a Jeep on Amazon.

Book Giveaway for Seven in a Jeep

It’s time for our latest book giveaway for Seven in a Jeep, this time with a little something not available for purchase.

We’re giving away a handful of autographed, limited edition Advance Review Copies (copies that are given to reviewers ahead of time, and may still contain some proofing errors).

The giveaway is taking place through Seven in a Jeep‘s Goodreads page, which you can access here. The giveaway ends in less than three days, so if you want a chance to get on it, check it out right away.

If you can’t wait for the giveaway, you can always find Seven in a Jeep in both hardcopy and digital edition on Amazon.

Serious, isn't he?
Serious, isn’t he?

Speaking of giveaways, have you taken a photo yet for our $20 Amazon gift card contest? You can find all the details about the contest here, but the short version is this: snap of photo of yourself (or a friend) reading Seven in a Jeep in a creative or interesting location.

Post it to social media with the #seveninajeep hash tag, and you’ll be entered for a chance to win a $20 Amazon gift card, along with a signed copy of Surplus: The Long Arm of Vietnam.

Pretty easy, right? We thought so.

Seven in a Jeep Now Available!

Seven in a Jeep Ed GaydosSeven in a Jeep: A Memoir of the Vietnam War is now available!

The paperback is available from (click) and (click), and available by request at all brick and mortar bookstores.

Find the e-book on Amazon Kindle (click).  More e-book markets coming soon!

After you pick up a copy, don’t forget to leave a review at!

Congratulations to Ed Gaydos!  You’ve written a fantastic memoir, and now the world will have a chance to read it.