Upcoming Speaking Engagements

Now that a little bit of buzz has started with Seven In a Jeep, Ed’s going to be speaking at a number of locations around central Ohio in the coming months. One that we’re especially excited about is this Sunday, at the Wild Goose Creative in Clintonville.

As it says on its web site, WGC is ” a catalyst and a gathering place for local artists, audiences, and creative people. With a multipurpose creative space at 2491 Summit Street that is sometimes a gallery, sometimes a school, a kitchen table, a living room, a concert hall, or a dance floor, Wild Goose Creative cultivates the creation of excellent and surprising art.”

Ed’s speaking from 6-8 pm this Sunday, June 23, for WGC’s writing group. He’ll talk about about his experiences in Vietnam, his writing process, and he’s even got a slide or two to show (if you follow the Facebook page, you’ve seen some of these already). He’ll also be signing and (hopefully) selling a few books afterward.

Stop on by if you’re in the area, to meet Ed or to just find out what Wild Goose is all about. The more the merrier! There’s also a few more public events at which Ed will be presenting in the coming month; we’ll update you on those once they’re set in stone.