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A Great Review from The Ohio Book Review

A very flattering review of Seven in a Jeep was published recently on The Ohio Book Review blog. The kind words from writer James Nickras are greatly appreciated. You can check out the review here, and follow The Ohio Book Review through its Twitter feed.

“A mostly apolitical work, Seven in a Jeep avoids any real discussion of why the US military was engaged in combat against the North Vietnamese forces, instead using both the war and the military bureaucracy as darkly comic foils. From fake reports about flies, to incompetent fresh lieutenants put in charge of seasoned veterans, to minesweepers holding their helmets on with one hand for Army protocol, while sweeping for mines with the other, the war seemed to be more about regulations, protocol, and more regulations than anything else, and soldiers fought the rules just as much as they were fighting the Vietnamese. In this sense, Seven in a Jeep is reminiscent of Richard Hooker’s M.A.S.H.

Win an Amazon Gift Card In Our New Contest

We’ve had a great time meeting some of you since Seven in a Jeep launched just over a month ago. You’re a good crowd – scholars and gentlemen (and gentlewomen), the lot of you.

To keep the ball rolling, we’re kicking off a new month-long contest to reward you faithful followers, and to hopefully spread the word about Ed Gaydos’s writing a little farther. So, here’s the rundown:

Snap a photo of yourself (or have a friend do it) reading Seven in a Jeep in an interesting location. The setting can be whatever cool place you can come up with (Niagara Falls, on top of an elephant at the Columbus Zoo, Hitler’s secret bunker –  you get the idea). The more creative the better – have your own vintage Army Jeep? You’re golden.

Serious, isn't he?
Serious, isn’t he?

Here’s an example to show you what we mean, modeled by our friend Andy, next to a classy mural down the street from his co-working space, the Salt Mines.

After you’ve photographed something similarly awesome, upload it to Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook… whatever your favorite flavor of social networking might be. Make sure you include the hashtag #SevenInAJeep with your photo. We’ll be using that to keep track of your entries.

After about a month, the team at Columbus Press will select a handful of finalists, which we’ll post on our Seven in a Jeep Facebook fan page. You’ll then have a chance to vote on your favorites.

The grand prize winner will receive a $20 Amazon gift card, along with a signed copy of Surplus: The Long Arm of Vietnam. Due to be released August 1, Surplus is Ed Gaydos’s new companion piece to Seven in a Jeep, which includes new chapters that didn’t make it into the original manuscript, dealing with how his experience in Vietnam shaped his view of leadership and his career as a business executive.

Second place in the contest will also get a signed copy of Surplus.

That’s basically it for the contest instructions. Get creative, and it’s okay if you use a “digital” copy of Seven in a Jeep for your photo (although it would be handy if we can see the cover on your screen). Extra consideration will be given for those who post across multiple platforms. And the more likes and shares your photo gets, the more likely it is to get our attention.

If you still need to pick up a copy of the book, you can find Seven in a Jeep for nearly any platform here on our site.

So – get to it! (Also, climbing an elephant at the zoo would probably be a bad idea. We don’t endorse it.)