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Swapping Stories

We had a great time yesterday swapping stories and watching Ed give his presentation on Seven in a Jeep to the Upper Arlington Senior Center current events discussion group. Our thanks go out to Earl Goldhammer for helping to organize the event.

UA senior center presentation 1One thing that always impresses me is the level of service performed by the generation represented at the UA senior center. Going around the room, nearly every senior in attendance either served in the Armed Forces, or supported a spouse or child who had served. Throughout Ed’s informal presentation, the other veterans shared their stories (both humorous and sobering) from their experiences in World War II, Korea, and even Vietnam. It’s one thing to read these sort of stories in a book; it’s a completely different experience to hear the tale as the one who experienced it speaks. This is why we do what we do.

Speaking of stories, we recorded Ed Gaydos telling a few of his own – here’s a little clip of him telling the tale that gave Seven in a Jeep its name.

As always, you can pick up your copy of Seven in a Jeep on Amazon.