Praise from Author Belinda Nicoll

Belinda Nicoll, author of Out of Sync, posted a fantastic review of Seven in a Jeep to her website:  An excerpt:

“Written in vignette style, this war story is easy to read. As Gaydos advances from military training to combat service at Landing Zone Sherry, a grim artillery firebase in Vietnam’s Central Highlands, his values about the sanctity of life quickly transforms to a willingness to kill. But the author seemingly doesn’t take himself too seriously and it’s as easy to laugh at his insights about the day-to-day boredom as his witty accounts of the terrifying mortar attacks on their base…Seven in a Jeep is a great book!” – Belinda Nicoll, author of Out of Sync.

Read the rest of Belinda’s exploration of Ed’s book here.

Thank you Belinda for your kind words!

Seven in a Jeep is a great book!